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When booking, please fill in the fields in Add more details.

If you are a registered user, your personal data will already be entered. If necessary, you can change your details during the booking process.

If you are travelling on your company’s behalf and you need an invoice, you must provide the company’s name, address and tax code.

Reservations cannot be divided for billing reasons. If you need two or more invoices for two or more passengers (or for the respective companies) you will have to make a separate reservation for each one. However, subsequent changes (such as the purchase of additional services) will be invoiced separately.

We issue invoices in PDF format and send them to the email address provided with the reservation. The PDF file attached to the email is the original electronic invoice issued by Tayaran Jet.

Although travellers may have a different payment currency than the city of departure, the invoice is still issued in the original booking currency (not necessarily in the payment currency).