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Tayaran Jet Applies to Join the IATA Operational Safety Audit (IOSA) Registry

The IOSA program is currently the most recognized internationally standardized evaluation system in the world. Holding a valid IOSA certificate is crucial for an airline operator that gives a paramount priority to safety and punctuality.

Tayaran Jet exists for about an year and already proved its trustworthiness. Now we are ready to make an unambiguous statement and dedicate to complying with immaculate quality guidelines. The first step of our initial application is already taken!

The document that contains the instructions for the process of IOSA certification is called

IOSA Standards Manual (ISM) and is free for downloading. The ISM is published to provide the operational standards, recommended practices and guidance material necessary for an operator to successfully prepare for an audit conducted under the IOSA Program. The standards incorporate many requirements from the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and Joint Aviation Authorities (JAA), as well as best practices from airline audit programs in existence already. .

As a commonly-accepted audit program, IOSA can replace most of the current code-share audits performed today. Airlines and the industry as a whole will save millions of dollars in the elimination of these duplicated audits. Joining the registry or the list of operators holding the IOSA certification is the final objective of the audit.

Tayaran Jet is committed to following the highest safety standards and being part of the IOSA registry is vital for us. We will certainly keep you posted about the status of our application!